Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Sesquicentennial Stories: The Promise of UK #147

The first men's dormitory on campus was built in 1882.  According to the Annual Register of the State College of Kentucky (1882-1883), “those who occupy rooms in the dormitory pay $5 each (yearly) for the use of an unfurnished room. A standing deposit of $5 is required from each student, which deposit is refunded when his connection with the College is terminated….”
“Each room must be provided by the occupants thereof with neat and comfortable bed and bedding, table, washstand, looking glass, chairs, bowl and pitcher, water and slop buckets. The furniture bought at the outset can be sold at the end of the collegiate year or retained for further use, at the option of the owner.” The dormitory had 90 rooms.

In the September 10, 1919 Board of Trustees minutes the Executive Committee (on the suggestion of President Frank L. McVey),  recommended the building formerly designated as the Old Dormitory be named White Hall in honor of Dr. James G. White, professor of mathematics and at one time acting president of the university.
 The old White Hall dormitory was torn down in 1967 to make room for two new buildings - the Whitehall Classroom Building and the Patterson Office Tower. Bricks from the old White Hall were used in the plaza of the new Classroom Building. 

The 1908 map shown below depicts the location of the original White Hall and is indicated with a red arrow.  The Main Building is to the left of White Hall but closest to Limestone.  You may click on the map to enlarge it.

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